Decisions Decisions

I was going to reminisce this evening and talk you through my little snow ride on the mountain bike yesterday. I was going to show you my video and explain how I went about setting up the shots, how I mounted the camera to my bike using a variety of Gopro mounts and my new K-Edge go big bar mount.

The slow motion skid that I did on the icy road was a moment of pure genius in my video production as was the under bar mounting to show me changing gear.

There’s also my annoyance that I didn’t go a bit further and really hit the hills in the snow, after all it will all be gone by the weekend.

But I won’t talk about any of that because tonight my friends at our 3rd pool match of 2013 we came back from 4-2 down to win 6-4 in a famous historic victory that hopefully marks a turning point in steadying nerves and winning key games.

Oh go on then, here’s my little video…

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