It’s been a long day

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Can't really be bothered today #plainlazy

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Its been a really long work day by my usual standards. Up and out of the door by 7.30 and just got home at gone 8.00. That’s am and pm respectively, by the way I don’t deliver take away leaflets!

A few hundred miles and about 8 English counties covered. It’s not that bad really but it’s the third day in a row of up early and home late with lots of driving in between. Some people do this everyday – they must be wired differently to me as I now need a lazy day in the office tomorrow, which isn’t going to happen.

Meeting reports to write, follow up calls and emails, catch up on missed emails and calls and of course make some new calls and probably send some more emails…

Update on the diet/calorie-counting : well I kinda stopped this last two days but I weighed this morning and the simple fact that I have been thinking about my food intake has been beneficial as I appear to have lost about 2 pounds this week!

Right time for a beer…

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