Instrument of Evil

Justin Bieber and Paper Jamz: is there a crime more evil ever committed against music? No this is not a blatant attempt to get some hits on my blog, well maybe it crossed my mind but I also wanted to talk a little about music and my household.

My house is divided. On the subject of music, there is often a disagreement in our house and I am always right!

My kids obviously like pop music I can handle that and quite enjoy it in small doses. I can appreciate a good catchy tune as much as the next man but I draw the line at Justin Bieber and my sons worship of the boy!

He has talent and he is great at what he does but why can’t my son listen to Soundgarden, Pearl Jam or Green Day?

This is my new goal for the year especially after he spent £5.00 today on the above “musical toy”…

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