Its the first Friday of the year!

Its the first Friday of the year and I have plans… Plans that include going to the cinema and also riding my bike with an old friend. Stay tuned for a review of Rise of The Guardians (planned cinema viewing) and photos of a no doubt muddy bike ride Sunday!

But that’s the weekend – “what happened today?” I hear you ask. You didn’t? Well I’m gonna tell you anyway…

I woke to find our cat Bella still with her cone on after her minor operation yesterday, she hates it and now can’t clean anything other than her front paws and the tip of her tail.  Our tom cat Buster is totally freaked out by the over sized collar she is wearing and runs a mile when she comes towards him!

Now I am in the office, plodding through a typically slow Friday afternoon, preparing for some US conference calls and thinking about what I need to achieve next week.

Tonight I hope to get the kids to bed early and watch The Dark Knight Rises on Bluray…

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