Where does your GoPro footage go to die?

Sometimes a blog post or a video strikes a chord, makes you (my subscribers) sit up and take notice and what starts as me simply looking to make some content turns out to be something that people actually take some notice of.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t say, or video stuff just for the sake of it; everything I say or write is something I mean or believe in.  And the subject of wasted GoPro footage does bug me.

It doesn’t keep me up at night. And I don’t walk around worrying about it rotting on a microSD card in your back pack or anything, I just think why bother if you are not going to use it?

At the very least you’ve likely paid £150 for your GoPro (maybe £400!). You’ve probably stressed about charging the batteries, sorting out where you are going to mount it on your body or your helmet.  On the day of the ride you’ve probably taken the time to ask your mates, is the red light on? You’ve cursed when you pinned your fave section of trail and not pressed record.

And then you’ve got home, cleaned our bike, had a shower, had a meal, gone to bed, got up for work and its forgotten..

The first thing I do is download my footage and the second is shower, third eat and then its review and hopefully edit and upload. Eventually I go to bed!

The other reason behind this video was not just to tell you that you have wasted your money buying the camera, but was to also tell you that you should put it out there as people watch stuff of all sorts of quality and all sort of trails.  And ordinary mountain bikers make up the majority of mountain bikers and I think they want to see other normal guys riding trails like they will ride trails…

Just be honest and true and put it out there…  My mate Darren made this video (ok 9 years ago) and its had over 18000 views!



Might as well pump…

I really need to do this more often.

Getting to one of my “local” pump tracks and wiping myself out for an hour or two sis such good exercise.


It also means I get to dress in skinny jeans and wear my POC lid.


Honestly 75% of that video (not the bit with me in the car obviously) was filmed with my DJI Spark drone.  I’m pleased with how it came out and how I got some lucky shots and angles completely by accident.  For instance if you look at the sequence at 1:55 in, this was only set up to capture 1 pass, but the 3 passes on all 3 lines was such a bonus!

Any way hope you like this – if you did please leave a comment on the video, give it a thumbs up and please subscribe!

Louri Frame Strap Review

It was really nice to meet Sian and Thomas at the Cycle Show last week and to get a look at the many products that Cyclorise distribute in the UK.  Getting a close up look at the Louri frame strap and getting my own in a bike colour matching orange was a bonus.

The strap allows you to attach some essentials to your bike for races or when you want to travel a little lighter. Its really useful and easy to use – watch my video for the full low down.

The Louri strap costs £18.99 for the frame version and £17.99 for the saddle mount version.

Finally – the pronunciation – its looo-reee  as in

not lahow-rey ?  as in

For more information visit the Cyclorise and/or the Louri websites.

YouTube – How What Why?

TimFromWales on YouTube
TimFromWales on YouTube

I’ve given YouTube a fair stab this last month or 2.

My efforts have doubled my subscriber count from an insignificant 60 or so to a marginally small 141 (as of today)..  Its not meteoric and its not going to make me a millionaire but its growth.

I’ve tried a few different types of videos with varying success as my confidence and happiness in hearing my own voice and seeing these moving selfies has grown. But now what?

Its fair to say

  • I don’t live in a part of the world that has bucket list trails
  • I’m not famous
  • I can’t shred like Ben Deakin
  • I don’t have balls as big as Sam Pilgrim
  • I’m not a Red Bull athlete like Matt Jones
  • etc etc

So why would you watch my “channel”?  What’s different about it?

Well, my aim is to produce content that you can relate to, it might not go viral or make you jealous but it might just make you realise that (if you didn’t already know) you can have fun on a bike just about anywhere and on any budget.

I want to grow the subscribers and I’m going to keep trying to figure out just what it is that will make my channel tick, with out forcing it and by continuing to be me.  However Youtube, like all social media platforms, has its peculiarities and you have to know how to work it to make it work for you…  That’s the tough part.

Anyway, watch this space. Maybe by the time you read this the channel will have 142 subscribers!

But while you are here, why not go and watch this video and please tell me what you thought of it… Please??




Day & Night – Sam Pilgrim

Sam Pilgrim and this edit deserves more likes, views, shares so I’m going to do my little bit.

If this edit had featured Brandon Semenuk doing EXACTLY the same stuff, it would have had way more views, and that’s not right.

Sam is a talented rider and works hard on social media and does so much for his bike sponsor.

To the sky Sam!

Great edit – and cool behind the scenes too.